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Will the European Qualification Framework work?

link this post written on 21/08/2009
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I have been working on a project for DG EAC on the training of teachers and trainers in Europe. this project was designed to promote a discussion around policy. One of the issues under discussion was the EQF. Opinions appeared to be widely divergent.
some of those consulted believed the EQF would prove valuable, especially in supporting the development of National Qualification Frameworks and would ultimately lead to teh raising of standards of vocational education and training.
Others saw the Framework as largely irrelevant in its present format and raised concerns over the attempts to equate vocational and academic qualifications in a single framework.
Still others were concerned that the adoption of the Framework could lower standards or lead to increasing and unnecessary regulation - especially in the filed of continuing professional development. What is your view? Will the EQF make a difference? And if so how?
link this post written on 11/01/2010
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In my opinion EQF is a possible double-faced tool: from on side, it could allow a less bureaucratic way of evaluating competencies and abilities, avoiding some excesses coming from "academic" praxis; from the other side, the risk is to create a mere theoretical empty box not corresponding to the reality.
I think that every initiative bottom-up could be useful to make the difference. So thank you for your VETNET.
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